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End of Summer Blues

End of Summer Blues


What do you do when you feel like  you have lost motivation? Up until September for the past year I had one main goal. That is, to get onto the 2nd year of my masters degree. It kept me in the library until 12am studying marketing books and accounting practices. It kept me working non-stop to achieve my goals. Now I made it I officially hit a brick wall. I think all that grind has finally caught up with me and I have officially burnt out. I am focusing on going to classes and doing my job but actually the problem is; the energy and motivation that carried me through my first year here is slowly starting to dissipate. How can I keep that same level of motivation for this upcoming year? Last year felt like an impossible mountain to climb but somehow I made it. This year also feels like a massive width to swim but I always think about drowning.

What are some tips you have for people who need a push?

What do you usually do when you feel burnt out?

 For myself, usually I take a break. I cut class for a day give myself time to recuperate. I love watching movies. Movies are one of my favourite ways to unwind. If I am really stressed, sometimes I take myself to the cinema to see a film that I have been wanting to see, and if I am unable to see something on my never ending list I try to watch a new local movie that I didn’t expect to see.

In the past I would also go to shoot some arrows at my local archery place. Focusing on getting gold often takes my mind of problems. Archery requires concentration and when I am upset or unfocused I am unable to shoot well. Forcing myself to calm down and concentration on nothing but the target allows me to relax.

Then, of course there is karaoke. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with singing. I love to jump up and down with a microphone in one hand and a tambourine in the other, screaming my lungs out and dancing to whatever song appears on the screen. Singing is a way I like to vent my frustrations.

Self Care: It’s become a trendy buzz word but it really is important. Doing whatever makes you feel good. I like to make a salad or order something I like to eat like sushi or whatever. I’ll put on a TV series, or read a book and put on a Korean facemask. I will make it a full spa situation, give myself a manicure, pedicure, exfoliate, you name it, all with a giant mug of tea or wine next to me. It definitely helps me when I feel stressed.

I set myself a to do list filled with really simple and complex assignments to complete. I start my day doing the easier tasks and try to complete at least one or two of the big things. This helps me feel like I had a more productive day.

According to the articles I have been reading on the topic, the best ways to deal with this feeling are to play sports, sleep more, eat better, talk to good friends…. The list goes on!

I need to go now, I should focus on relaxing so I can feel freshed and motivated ready for tomorrow!

May your days be filled with happiness and productivity!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Art Class: Geek Zone @ the K Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

Art Class: Geek Zone @ the K Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul