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Starting with a BANG!

Starting with a BANG!

I suppose you may have been wondering where I have been hiding? Or not!

It is 2018! I can't quite believe how time has flown. I still feel like the 18 year old who went to university in Sheffield nervously back in 2010, the 22 year old brimming with excitment when I graduated in 2014. The 23 year old who found herself in Taiwan, the two years I spent being 25 in South Korea.

I spoke about not liking new years resolutions in my last post which is true but I do have some to share.

I will pass my January exams so I won't be making that a resolution. I also thought to myself that I should be on my phone a lot less. I spend endless hours in my school library writing to my friends across the world instead of making new ones here. The universe helped me with that one. I broke my phone again so I have no choice but to be away from Social media. Maybe that is a good thing. Anyway, back to resolutions.

Mine are: 

♥ To explore Italy from top to tail, but I've already mentioned this.

♥ Go back to studying Korean

♥ Become at least conversational level in Italian.

♥ Improve my Chinese of course

♥ Try to always see the positive side to every situation

♥ Take care of my health.

♥ Be more adventurous. 

♥ And to re-iterate how cliched I think New Years resolutions are, below is a list of the most common New Years Resolutions in 2018


It's already then end of January so, have you kept yours or are you starting to crack? Let me know :) 


Catch the flavour:  ~Shrove Tuesday ~

Catch the flavour: ~Shrove Tuesday ~

A Year of Earl Grey and Bubble Tea

A Year of Earl Grey and Bubble Tea