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Little life lessons learnt by 25

Little life lessons learnt by 25

Its time to do another reflective post. I just turned 25 international age. Finally, in Korea I've been 25 for a year already so I feel as though I'm entering my 2nd 25th year. So since I'm getting a second chance to be 25 all over again I've decided to reflect and create a list of things I learned about life since hitting 25. There are some which are just stand alone phrases and ones which I will explain more thoroughly. Either way this is going to be long post so a coffee or tea is in order. I've got mine. 


1. You will never feel like an ADULT.

This is so true for me because inside I still feel like a 17 year old girl. I have the financial independence and the university degree but the same anxieties I had as a kid still exist. I am only coming to realise that being an adult is perceived notion perpetuated by society and I very much am still a child.

2. ...And there is no hurry to grow up obviously. 

There is no rush to start shopping at Whistles and only being seen reading magazines like Town and Country. Take as long as you need to do the things that society expects of us. We don't have to be in the perfect marriage with two kids by age 30 anymore. Don't let anyone take your youth away from you. Enjoy every moment until you feel ready to move on.

3. Leave behind old worries

As much as we would love to, we can't change the past. We can reflect and grow but there isn't a time machine for us to go back and alter what once was. Leave behind every bad thought, insecurity and problem and practice existing in the present. Try to think of only what's in front of you and try not to let the bad get you down.

4. Friends won't/can't always be there for you

Finally after 25 years I realise there are two kinds of friends. The friends who won't make time and effort to see you, help you, spend time with you. But those are the ones that take great pleasure in being 'friends' with you when it suits them. The second kind genuinely want to be your friend but for whatever reason, life, career, relationships, they have commitments which stop them being available all the time. The former can be replaced, the latter... true ones will come through for you in your hour of need despite commitments. 

5. Be your own best friend. 

This is a struggle for me. You are born alone and you die alone. (Even if you are a twin, one of you goes first and the other is left behind.) So you need to be your own best friend. Once you stop relying on others to make you happy you can work on truly making yourself happy. Take yourself on dates, buy yourself flowers, treat yourself how you would want to be treated.

6. Value people who care about you.

Because they become less and less over time.

7. Breathe

Stop and take time for yourself to avoid becoming overwhelmed by life. Remember to allow yourself to relax and regain control and focus. Remind yourself of what is important to you and that your health should always come first. Take some me time.

8. Positive thinking works and should really be practised! (Self explanatory one).

9.  ”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle.

Without sounding pretentious, though it is arguably hard to mention Aristotle in a sentence and not sound pretentious, this quote has always stayed with me. We must give practice to the things we wish to be good at whatever they may be.  Excellence isn't born overnight, it is the result of serious grafting, hard work and true grit.

10. You are what you eat!

This is true. Sadly, if you eat walnuts, you're a brain if you eat artificial sugar you are fake. (Well, not really haha, but good nutrition is key!)  The older we are the harder our bodies have to work to filter through all the garbage we eat and convert it into the necessary energy our bodies need to go about our day. You can save your body a lot of time, and save yourself a lot of gym hours if you try to eat healthier. (I need to tell myself this one about twenty times a day).

11. You never stop learning. 

One of the biggest misconceptions we've learned is that when you leave school it's all over and there's nothing more you can learn from the world. I remember thinking this one myself, it's actually never too late to learn a life lesson. The world is our classroom and we learn something new every day,

12. Be Kind

This one I am a strong believer in. A lot of people are kind, I think the world is full of kind people, but actually the problem is people are discriminatory. People are usually kind to their friends and loved ones only. Most people have no problem being lovely to their inner circle and quite nasty to outsiders. There's no need to be fake but some common politeness will do. You never know, it could be your smile that brightens their day.



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