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My Aesthetic ~ 审美观

My Aesthetic ~ 审美观


It's no secret that I love fashion. I have been known to shed tears over Gucci handbags and fashion terrorists. I grew up with access to my sisters collection of vogue magazines (and Balenciaga handbags) We counted and the oldest copy dates back to 1997, (I was five years old then). My first job was in Harvey Nichols in 2012 and it was like a dream come true to be surrounded by gorgeous dresses and designs by Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and the Row to name a few. I was placed on the floor with the highest price point because my mandarin was strong enough to communicate with Chinese clients. It meant I spent my days wandering between the latest collections and studying common features of designers. Now I can recognise pieces by Giambattista Valli and Dries Van Noten from a mile away.

Despite this love of high end fashion I was also very into the grunge movement of the Early 90s. Think Courtney Love's baby doll dresses, greasy hair, plaid shirts and doc martens.  

In addition to my love of homeless chic, I realised whilst working in one of the coolest luxury department stores in London that, clothes are...just clothes. While I am studying I can't afford both travel and the latest fashion in addition to financing my studies, so I learned to play with what I have. I used to frequent the independent boutiques at Gangnam station in Seoul, I used to find amazing bargains at night markets in Taiwan. I love to mix high end pieces like a stripy Sonia Rykiel jumper with a $3 skirt from Edae. 


Think bright colours, funky sunglasses a la Gentle Monster and MCM bags. I have tried to tone it down this year in Italy trying to fit in with the muted Italian way. (I wear a lot of black and grey now) but my wardrobe is crying out to be exploited for the summer, I am the  kind of person how has a new look everyday.  


I also did a spot of modelling last summer which forced me to come out of my shell more and it has given me confidence to share my looks without feeling like a grade A plonker!

Fashion always has and always will make me happy. And even if during my studies I cannot afford 'THAT' Gucci handbag I can have fun mixing up my style and experimenting with my own look.

Fair Verona

Fair Verona